Automatic Sliding Doors

ASSA ABLOY SL500 Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism (Breakout Option)

The ASSA ABLOY SL500 Sliding Door Mechanism offer single or bi-parting openings, through a variety of styles and configurations. Safe and easy to use, they are suitable for any entrance.

ASSA ABLOY SL520 Telescopic Automatic Sliding Door Mechanism

The ASSA ABLOY SL520 Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door is suitable for narrow spaces but require a large opening door width.

ASSA ABLOY Automatic Curved Sliding Doors

ASSA ABLOY Curved Sliding Door adapts to more trendy curved glass facades.

ASSA ABLOY Hermetic Sliding Doors

ASSA ABLOY Hermetic Doors are used for both hospital and industrial application where clean room environments are needed.


ASSA ABLOY ICU Doors are specially designed to meet the demands of hospitals in intensive care units (ICU) and coronary care units (CCU).

Automatic Swing Doors

ASSA ABLOY SW100 Swing Door Operator

A push automation button means a swing door with the ASSA ABLOY SW100 operator is well suited to entrances where quick and easy accessibility is essential, such as hospitals or public buildings.

ASSA ABLOY 300 Slim Swing Door Operator

The slim ASSA ABLOY SW300 is one of the strongest operators on the market. It has exclusive emergency features: panic breakout works in both directions and if the power is cut, the doors will open to ensure hazards such as smoke can escape.


A strong, heavy-duty swing door operator, the ASSA ABLOY SW200 ensures door operate smoothly even in heavy windloads. This operator is capable of opening 180 degrees opening in both directions and maximizes the use of space.

Revolving Doors

ASSA ABLOY RD-100 Semi-Automatic Revolving Door

The new RD100 from ASSA ABLOY increase convenience for users. The door will start rotating with just a gentle push from the user.

ASSA ABLOY Compact Revolving Door

The compact revolving door is available in 3 or 4 wing option. Diameter range from 1.8 up to 3.6m.

ASSA ABLOY All Glass Revolving Glass

The All Glass Revolving door has unprecedented aesthetics. The motor and drive system is hidden underneath the ground to make the vision glass of the revolving door almost unobstructed.

ASSA ABLOY High-Capacity Revolving Door

Available as a two or 3 wing options, the high capacity revolving door is ideal for users with shopping carts, luggage and people with strollers or wheelchairs.

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