How to Buy the Right Brand of Automatic Door

How to Buy the Right Brand of Automatic Door

Are you looking for the best brand of automatic doors? Well… being best is very subjective. In fact, when you are asking this question, you are most likely looking for an automatic door that will last for a very long time before it finally is replaced. For it to be replaced, the automatic door has to be in a state where it cannot be repaired any longer.

Instead of asking for the best brand of automatic door, you should look at the factors that prevents your automatic door from getting replaced. We have listed some of the factors which you must look at.

    1. Quality of Material – This goes without saying. The better the quality of materials, the more wear and tear it can withstand, the more number of cycles you need before certain parts needs to be replaced.


    1. Preventive Maintenance – Many establishments neglect preventive maintenance, thinking that this is just extra cost that has no added benefit. They think that automatic doors is just like your manual door that you install and forget. Preventive Maintenance should be provided by your automatic door supplier to maximize the life of your automatic door.


    1. Service – If you hear any weird noises coming from your automatic door, this may require you to call your automatic door supplier to check. If you automatic door supplier takes a long time to restore your door, then the damage could magnify and replacement of whole unit might occur.


    1. Availability of Spare Parts – if you buy from an automatic door supplier that does that have spare parts, then expect major replacement from your automatic door. Worse, you might have bought a disposable automatic door.


So when you ask, what brand of automatic door is the best? Besides looking at the durability of the product, consider the maintenance, service side and spare parts availability of automatic door provider. If they fall short in any of these factors, then you can skip to the next supplier.

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