MANUSA Automatic Doors

Manusa is based in Spain and is one the largest automatic door manufacturers in the world. For more than 50 years, Manusa is a leader when it comes to the automatic door field and the company has grown to become a leading company in the creation, design and development of all types of smart access. With annual production volume of more than 20,000+ operators a year, Manusa is a proven partner to meet your automatic door requriements.

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Automatic Sliding Doors

Manusa Visio Automatic Sliding Door Operator

The Manusa Visio Automatic Sliding door is a modular operator catered from a small shopfront door to heavy big panel entrances. The visio operator can carry door weights upto 220kg per door leaf and has the fastest acceleration of speed in the market.

There are three (3) models to choose from: Visio 100, Visio 125 and Visio 125HD.

Manusa Panic Breakout Doors

Manusa automatic doors, complete with an break-out mechanism, combine the functionality of a sliding door with the possibility of opening the leaves in a break-out position, thus allowing maximum passage area. Manusa break-out doors are available in framed or transparent leaves.

Manusa Automatic Curved Sliding Door

Manusa Automatic curved and semicircular automatic sliding doors have been designed as an elegant solution for architectural complexes that require them, providing full functionality, comfort and efficiency in one model. 

Automatic Swing Doors

Manusa Vector Automatic Swing Door Operator

Vector is the Manusa operator for automatic swing doors, wiht high efficiency and high performance, designed for heavy traffic areas. It allows to automate any kind of swing door.

Hermetic Doors

Manusa Sliding Doors

The sliding hermetic doors forms part of the solutions offered by our team for laboratories, hospitals and environments related to the health sector. Our airtight sliding doors are customizable.

Manusa Glazed Doors

The hermetic Clear View glass doors are a specific design by Manusa which guarantees airtight environments in certain rooms or areas, such as observation rooms in hospitals. It also provides clear visibility of the interior. 

Manusa Hermetic Swing Doors

The hermetic swing doors look to integrate functional hermetic doors, respecting the aesthetics of the building, by adapting to it or being the element that makes the difference. 

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Created in 1966, Manusa is a leading company in the market of automatic doors thanks to the development of its own technology and a professional team that works to achieve full
customer satisfaction.

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