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Auto Door Specialists is a special division of Chain Glass Enterprises Inc. Our division primarily focus on supplying and installing automatic glass doors throughout the Philippines as well as providing maintenance services for automatic doors after the warranty period.

Auto Door Specialists is well backed by the expertise, resources and 50+ years of proven track record of Chain Glass Enterprises Inc. Auto Door Specialists are run by well trained engineers and automatic technicians with decades of installation experience. In addition, the synergy with Chain Glass as a glass and aluminum supplier empowers us to supply your automatic doors at lightning pace and complete your projects with unbeatable lead times.

Partnering with the best player
Our company partners with MANUSA Automatic Door Systems. With all the automatic door parts made in Spain, you can be assured of the best quality products and management processes that will give you peace of mind for a reliable product and supplier. One of the key advantages of adopting MANUSA automatic doors is the powerful motor groups that are inherent in their automatic door mechanism. The motors are able to open and close doors at higher acceleration and speeds than its leading competitors in the industry. Hence no more pedestrians bumbing into the door because the door is very slow to open.

Knowledgeable Manpower
Our company can take on new installation or rehabilitate and repair previously installed automatic doors. Our technicians are equipped with the knowledge to service any brand of automatic door. Our extensive supply chain networks allow us to provide you with genuine spare part replacement for your requirement.


To make your automated entrace door safe and secure


To transform how people enter entrances


We provide automatc doors for the Philippine market that is elegant, safe and reliable


To transform how people enter entrances


We want to shape the industry from using traditional boring manual doors into automatic.

Manual doors are inconvenient. Entering and exiting the supermarket with groceries is a hassle when you have to push the door while carrying bunch of plastic bags. Manual doors make it tougher for mommies with baby strollers to enter any establishment.

Manual doors are unhygienic. Cross contamination of viruses and bacteria happen happen on door handles everyday that is grabbed by thousand of people.

In every new construction, 95% of entrances use a manual door. We seek to transform entrances to open automatically, while making it safe, secure and convenient. We hope that in future, you will not walk through any doors the same way again.

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