MANUSA Glazed Door or Clear View Hermetic Sliding Doors is a type of hermetic doors offered by MANUSA that allows a total vision between the patient and nurses. This type of door is commonly used in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) as well as observation rooms.

Some of the features of this products are as follows

  • Guarantees maximum airtightness thanks to the hermetic seal around the perimeter once the door is closed.It has the highest tightness classification tested against the UNE 85170:2016 and UNE-EN 121207:2017 standards.
  • Maintains the desired pressure, hygiene, temperature and humidity conditions.
  • They feature maximum safety systems for people and for maintaining correct operation
  • They incorporate obstruction-detection systems with automatic reopening, as well as unlock systems to allow manual opening in the event of a power cut.
  • They strictly adhere to the standards both for the product and its use.
  • Can be installed with glass with integrated Venetian blind or electro-polarised glass, to provide opaqueness or transparency as required.
  • Provides a wide range of customization options, with different profile types and tempered or laminated glass with a thickness between 6 mm and 10 mm.

Customisation options






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