Automatic Doors on Retail Stores

Do you believe in the saying, “First Impression Last?” Well doors are the first and the last thing your customer interfaces when entering and exiting your store.

Today, we see more and more retails shop inside shopping malls that have frameless glass designs and a frameless glass swing door. But most if not all of these entrance doors are manual doors, requiring effort and commitment from your customer. This is not so inviting. Contrast this to automatic doors that effortlessly welcomes your customer to enter your store – a warm invite simply by choosing to use an automatic door. Plus, if you are just peeking at the glass display of a retail store, don’t you feel compelled to enter a store when a door automatically opens for you?

Automatic Doors Boost Profit

Studies have shown that just by converting your manual door into automatic, foot traffic into a store increased by 13%. This is turn can lead to increased sales and profit for your retail store. Automatic doors also reduce your energy consumption as doors are not forgotten to be closed.

Design Choices

With the exception of concept stores, many retail stores in Philippine mall nowadays lack the sense of identity. Because most of the stores in malls use frameless glass, the default color is transparent or clear. Therefore, the corporate or brand color and identity is showcased. We want to change that.

We believe that store owners should have color and branding in their entrances. At Auto Door Specialists, we can offer our customers the default frameless glass design or we can offer a powdercoated framed door design that will suit the color theme of their brand. We can even clad the automatic door panels with stainless steel or gold plated frames for a more premium look – the possibilities are endless.

Today, many of the stores look alike and what differentiates one store from another offering the same product is the look and feel when you enter the store. For your customer, this begins at the entrance and ends at the exit which is your door. So upgrade your entrance to an automatic door now.

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